Katie Zwinkels

Teacher in the Junior School Leidschenveen, British School in the Netherlands.


Katie, on the recommendation of her Head teacher, took a close look at Izak9 with a view to adopting it’s use in her 'Internationally British’ school in The Hague. She very quickly embraced what Izak9 had to offer both pupils and staff to the extent whereby the device’s use is now embedded in her school’s planning across all year groups. Katie has facilitated whole school staff training with Qubizm staff in her school.  She has also run workshops for parents and families, using Izak9 to help demonstrate the importance of being able to explain your reasoning and how approaching mathematics from an interactive angle can help engage all pupils.  This inclusive method of teaching and learning can help to raise confidence in engaging with the subject of mathematics for parents, staff and pupils.

Specialist area: Primary International