Ross Isdale

Firrhill High School, Edinburgh

We first met Ross in Bonaly Primary School in Edinburgh, a feeder Primary to Firrhill High School, where he is Maths Lead. Ross was so taken by the use of Izak9 that his own school purchased it immediately and was the first Post Primary School in Scotland to do so.

Ross participated in our first to Education Authority sponsored Izak9 training events in Northern Ireland and has since become the foremost Izak9 user in Scotland. Ross has undertaken his own research project with a new cohort of S1 pupils to test the efficacy of Izak9’s use in his school (see PDF). He also visits local Primary Schools in Edinburgh to showcase the effectiveness of Izak9’s use, the impact it can have on pupil transition and the raising of standards in the teaching and learning of maths.

Specialist area: Transition