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International Schools across the world

Izak9 cubes are already in use in international schools in US, Australia, UAE, The Netherlands, England and Ireland and in several schools in Denmark. As the use of Izak9 expands, to support the delivery of maths curricula in new territories of the world, we will continuously add new examples of leading practice from international schools to this page.


British International School in the Netherlands

An example of such use is shown below from the British International School in the Netherlands in The Hague. This school already has an Izak9 Superuser, the first in the international school sector, Katie Zwinkels. The clips below are from a staff training session that Katie helped deliver in her school. Izak9’s use is metacognitive, in that it affords many opportunities for teachers to think about their own thinking and place themselves in the minds of their students. Training is highly interactive and motivational for staff.

The first clip shows teachers mirroring what happens in a classroom when pupils present walls of numbers in different languages. In international schools, as well as in an increasing number of schools at home in Ireland, there are children from all over the world. Izak9 provides opportunities for children to communicate with each other using a broad range of stimuli, with the learning being flexible and open.


The second clip has teachers designing mental maths eliminator questions for pupils of various ages and abilities throughout the school. Eliminator provides an ideal shared learning environment for problem solving; reasoning; fluency; team building and the development of resilience. Each group chose a different audience for their eliminator rounds. The two eliminator rounds here have been created for Year 3 pupils and for KS1 pupils.

There are some comments from the training session below, the lengthy one is of particular interest, as it shows the beginnings of a mindset change.

  • "As a certified maths geek I LOVED the training, but, as a teacher, the impact of IZAK9 is wonderful.  It's fab!"
  • "When I heard that the session involved maths, I immediately started to feel panicky! My memories of learning maths are pure horror and this only started when I attended secondary school. I remember feeling at a complete loss as I never had enough time to process what the teacher had said before he went onto something else, this had a knock-on effect with my confidence and has stayed with me.

    I thought the session was really good and the fact that it was interactive!  I actually came away thinking I do understand some maths. Can you imagine how a child would feel if they were struggling and they were given the opportunity to use IZAK9, to be able to look and take their time using a tool that is so visual and colourful to help you and at the same time making their learning fun!!

    I look forward to using this tool in our classroom not only for the children but for myself"

  • "A very effective interactive Inset. Not only did the staff have a practical experience using the IZAK9, it gave us the opportunity to discuss the different methods we used to get to an answer. It refreshed our experiences as learners and helped us understand the challenges individuals may face as well as being able to work as a team."

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Primary Years Programme and IB

SEK International Schools offer education to more than 6,000 day and boarding students of more than 50 nationalities, from ages 3 to 18, in their campuses of Madrid, Barcelona, Almería, Pontevedra, Dublin (Ireland), Les Alpes (France) and Doha (Qatar).

The students below are from SEK Dublin. The use of Izak9 fits perfectly with their PYP.

The first short clip shows Alejandro sharing with the group, how he worked out the third highest number that could be made with the 4 digits he had on the table. Izak9 acts as a powerful device for creating an atmosphere rich in problem solving, reasoning, variation, fluency and depth. Alejandro is able to present the findings of the group and his manipulation of the cubes showcases the processes involved in arriving at their solution.

The second clip shows the group working together on equivalence. There are fractions, percentages and images on each of the 27 Izak9 cubes. The children work together as a team to build a giant 'equivalence' wall, showcasing the relationship between the three variations. The learning environment is rich in 'maths talk', discussion and debate.

You will see how the device affords elevated opportunities for pupil discussion, collaboration and presentation of thoughts and ideas, by way of guided discovery in mathematics.

In Dubai, pupils from SISD (Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai) are taught in different languages. Izak9 is a physical, kinaesthetic and visual device which, combined with a variety of online stimuli, provides a learning environment conducive to high levels of communication between pupils and between pupils and the teacher.


Teacher Training in the UAE

It is generally acknowledged that here needs to be a culture change in the Middle East around how maths is both taught and learned. Mathematics needs to be seen as a more accessible, interactive, relevant and rewarding sublect.

We can see here from a teacher training session in Sharjah University, organised by personal invitation from His Excellency Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education for the UAE, the extent to which teachers from the United Arab Emirates engaged so positively with the pedagogy associated with Izak9’s use. We have a strong evidence base that suggests we can help schools in the region implement this culture change, especially with the help of our Superuser programme, by which we can initiate training programmes in schools at home and abroad.

This training session was organised by personal invitation from the Minister of Education for the UAE after he asked for a private demonstration of Izak9 with his advisors in Dubai (pic at top of page).

Schools In Denmark

The picture below shows Danish children using Izak9. We have many schools in Denmark using Izak9 for the past 2 years or more. We have only recently approached them to ask if they would like to share some of their learning experiences on this page. They are delighted to do so and we are waiting on some footage from them, which will be uploaded as soon as it arrives.



Teaching Math With Blocks

"Could an Irish school teacher's innovation unlock the math potential of your child? Franz Schlindwein, creator of the Izak9 interactive teaching system, joins Sue O'Connell."

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