Owning Izak9

'When I first purchased Izak9 for one of my Key Stage 2 classes, I was so impressed with the impact that the cubes were having that I ordered another 2 sets of cubes within the first week ... and another 2 sets within the first month. You may ask what is so marvellous about these cubes? Very simply, it puts every child on an equal footing ...'

Paddy McCabe is the Principal Teacher of St Oliver Plunkett Primary School in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He tentatively purchased his first set of Izak9 cubes in January 2014 ... and has become an enthusiastic advocate of their use ever since. To read Paddy's full review of Izak9 and it's application within his school, you can read his review, which was published in Optimus Education 

Requesting a demo in your school

Please note, we build 'flexible purchasing models' with schools ... rather than just selling products directly to them. So what does that mean? Basically, we find that schools who initially purchase Izak9 to "try it out" invariably get back in contact with us to buy more cubes ... and we take this into account. So, if you talk to us, we can always work with you to ensure that you get the best deal and support possible to guarantee a successful deployment of the cubes in your school or education establishment ... all within your specific budget.

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Also of note ...

From a manufacturing perspective, Izak9 cubes are made in Northern Ireland by a family run precision engineering firm in Belfast which also makes components for the automotive and aerospace industries. The cubes are designed specifically for classroom use and are made from a robust and durable polycarbonate material.