The Izak9 Factor

Izak9 provides exceptional opportunities for the teaching and learning of mathematics. All areas of the maths curriculum at Key Stages 2 and 3 (Upper Primary and start of Secondary) are addressed in an environment rich in problem solving, oracy, fluency, variation and depth.

Pupils will be challenged and engaged ...

and teachers will have significantly more options for formative assessment (assessment for learning), effective questioning, positive intervention, group work management, inclusivity and much more.

Planning for the use of Izak9 is very easy as there are no rules - you know your own pupils best - so it can be used: every day; 2/3 times a week; once a week for an hour; once a fortnight for an afternoon ... any way your school prefers according to your own school’s planning and depending on the needs of your particular group of kids.

Izak9 can support the needs of pupils of all abilities and preferred learning styles as there is content available at all levels, as well as there being the facility for pupils to develop content of their own - elevating thinking skills and building confidence and self-esteem.


The First Task - Izak9 in action

The following series of videos shows the extent to which one task can be used. There are now already more than 30 tasks available in an ever evolving portfolio of tasks and examples of best practice from schools - all of which are accessible via your own private user area.

Here’s Abacus and Helix with a task that features early in the Izak9 cycle:

Now, here are some pupils working together on building this wall. There are typically six teams of five, working in a class of 30 pupils, using two Izak9 boxes. You can see that every child is engaged in the task and also, note the presence of a "team leader". The role of team leader is rotated for each task.

Children are then free to make observations that provoke discussion and debate about each wall. Here’s Johnny discussing examples of children’s reactions to this wall and how they spot patterns in colour, number and shape.

Once each group has completed their wall and discussed what it looks like, there are question banks available at a variety of levels for the teacher to use. Teachers and pupils can also create and pose questions of their own.

We filmed some primary school children using Izak9 while in attendance at a large science based STEM event held in Northern Ireland. These children had never seen Izak9 before.

We asked them 3 questions, here’s a few responses to one of these questions.

There is not only an enormous level of variation here, but an ideal forum for oracy, fluency, flexible thinking and freedom of expression. If we add this to the opportunities Izak9 provides for problem solving, task and question design, creation and posing, then we have a very powerful, stimulating and inspirational teaching and learning environment indeed.

Finally ... Here’s Johnny with his take on this wall.

Endless Opportunities

This brief glimpse of one task merely scratches the surface of what Izak9 has to offer children and teachers.

In addition to the many number, algebra and problem solving tasks available, take a look at the video below to see how Izak9 can be used for - Fractions, Percentages, Decimals, Equivalence, investigating properties of 2D and 3D shape and much more. 
Also, do you notice anything about how these children are feeling about using mathematics?

The Izak9 "user area" already contains an extensive portfolio of more than 30 tasks ... to which we are constantly adding more material.

Izak9 is currently in use in schools all over Ireland - North and South, in schools in the UK and Scandinavia, for classroom use as well as in delivering teacher CPD.

Izak9 is being used to train student teachers in Universities and to assist Education Authorities in projects relating to pupil transition and making maths more accessible to children in areas that are in need of greatest socio-economic support.

Izak9 is also being used extensively throughout Northern Ireland as a mechanism by which to engage parents with supporting their children’s learning of mathematics at home.

So if this has whet your appetite, please feel free to read more about who created Izak9 or you can find out how to purchase Izak9.